With superior comprehensive performance, mechanical property, and high temperature and chemical resistance performance, the senior material PEEK has been the most commonly used senior material.

Main Characteristics:

· As a kind of new polymer, PolyEtherEtherKetone (PEEK) has superior comprehensive performance. It stands out in the following aspects besides the superior wearing resistance and self-lubrication performance:

· Superior high temperature resistance. It is able to work under 250℃ continuously and under 315℃ discontinuously.

· Superior mechanical property. The modified tensile strength and bending strength can reach 15.9MPA and 350MPA. The compressive strength can reach 235 MPA.

· Superior anti-fatigue performance. It can be used as gears by replacing metals.

· Superior wearing resistance and tribology performance.

· Broad media. It does not react with all substances, except for concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid.

· Excellent high energy radiation resistance (γ ray and X ray)

· Inherent low flammability. It generates less smoke in course of inflammability.

· Excellent insulation performance.

Good Processing technique:

PEEK enjoys superior machining performance. The elegant surface quality and precise and stable dimension can be realized even if with machining mode. The machining performance of PEEK is similar to metal copper and aluminum. For the inquiry of the specific parameters, please feel free to contact us.

Convenient Supply: 

We can supply not only products with pure PEEK materials but also the products modified with PTFE, carbon fiber, glass fiber and ceramics to improve the friction, mechanical and machining performance of PEEK significantly.

PEEK Material designation: